New 4400 Merchandise recently revealed that there’s going to be a Complete Series release of The 4400 on DVD. The press release from the studio gives the following information:

It’s a 15-disc collection, that includes “Every episode from all 4 riveting seasons and corresponding special features,” plus a “Brand-new bonus disc featuring exclusive featurettes, audio commentary by cast & crew and more!

You can now pre-order the Region 1 version of set at Amazon, due for release on October 28th. You can also pre-order it for Region 2 here, with a tentative release date of October 6th.

Also recently released was the first in The 4400 novel series, The Vesuvius Prophecy by Greg Cox. You can also pre-order the second novel, Wet Work by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, also due for release October 28th.

Back on the topic of Eureka, you can catch Richard’s episode again tomorrow night, directly before the new episode airs. That’s 8/7c on Sci-Fi.


The 4400 Complete Series The 4400
Complete Series

Role: Marco
Order: Region 1/Region 2

Masters of Horror Masters of Horror:
Sounds Like

Role: David
Order: Region 1/Region 2
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