The Tower

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
Directed by:
Andy Mikita

Original airdate: 19th December 2005

The team is exploring a planet with an agrarian society. McKay wants to leave as soon as possible. They have no interesting technology and barely enough food for themselves. Eldred, a village elder, has at first no time to speak with them. He was busy harvesting and preparing tribute for a Tower that offers the people protection from the Wraith. He is willing to show them it. It looks just the same as the central spire of Atlantis. Eldred tells the Tower uses bright lights to shoot down the Wraith, which the team recognizes immediately as the drones from the ancients. Although Eldred has never seen it used on the Wraith, he mentions a ‘Lord Protector’ once in a while shows his power to the villagers by firing one of the balls. Sheppard asks Eldred to arrange a visit with the man.

Richard played Baldric, who was provided as a guide for Dr. Rodney McKay who wished to investigate the region surrounding the tower, the giant central spire of an Ancient city ship.

Baldric made McKay aware of the risk of being so close to the tower, aware that the Lord Protector’s Guards were on patrol, and was familiar with the risks of tunnel collapse in the underground catacombs. He leads McKay through the catacombs of the Ancient city ship, where they become trapped adjacent to drone storage.


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Role: Marco
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