“Meet Richard Kahan”

This is a transcript of a video available to view at the4400.com.

“I play Marco Pacella. Um.. a lot of people don’t know his last name, they kinda just think he’s like Cher, or like, you know, Madonna, but uh – Marco Pacella, who is the quirky … sarcastic … almost sidekick. He works in NTAC, in the theory room, what we call the theory room, and – NTAC is a division of the government set up to sort of investigate and um explore the 4400 and what they’re about.

You know, Marco is the kind of guy that he’s doing exactly what he wants to do, this is exactly what he went to school for, this is like… he’s a scientific researcher and analyst, and um, you know, it’s his passion, and he loves what he does, um, he’s the kind of guy that he’s not great at listening, you know like … and it’s not because he’s rude, or… it’s like, you know, you’re talking and he’s like ‘yeah, yeah’, and he’s got like five other things going on in his brain at the same time because he’s just constantly trying to like, look at the bigger picture and like, piece things together.

He’s got a great sense of humour, he doesn’t really have that filter, you know he’s kinda like a child in that sense, he just says what he wants to say, and it’s not always the right time to say that.

Marco’s relationship with Maia… I think as Marco’s relationship with Diana is developing, you know as their relationship is continuing, um, you know, he’s getting closer and closer to Maia, which I think for him is interesting being that closely connected to a 4400 and being that closely connected to her ability and like witnessing, you know, her ability first hand, um… and, also I’ve said before I think that Marco’s just sort of, like the basis of Marco is this, you know, he’s kind of a kid, you know, and when kids get excited they get really excited, and that’s Marco. And I think that Marco and Maia can really relate on that level.

Knowing Maia so closely and being so closely connected to a member of the 4400, I think he realises, he’s really aware of the tragedy of the 4400, of these people being taken and just trying to find their way back in the world and trying to, like, come back to their homes and live their lives are are really just totally unaware of what’s happened to them, so I think you know he’s really aware of that. On the other hand, I think the job that he does, I think the 4400 is just this amazing experience and this amazing opportunity for him and the work that he does to like explore this really never ending chain of events with 4400 people.

Yeah, I think that Marco is, um… I don’t know if Marco necessarily feels a sense of responsibility to the 4400, but I think he is aware of, you know, the role that his job plays in these people coming back and in what they’ve been sent back to do, and accomplish, which again I think is just such an amazing thing for him, this amazing opportunity for him.”


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