Edgemont.TV Q&A

  • So what do you think of the advice you were given about the biz here now that you live and work here?
    I don’t think Vancouver is cold or hard at all. If you do your homework and respect what you do you’re given every opportunity to get work. People here are very supportive and will go out of their way to give you the opportunity to audition. You see the same people at auditions over and over again and we really do hope for the best for each other.

  • What have you been doing since “Edgemont” wrapped last season?
    A little bartending (a true actor’s job) and an indie film called, “A Fortune in Frozen Dim Sum”. That was a lot of fun; I got to play older for a change – a quirky little shy guy with a beard. It might go to some film festivals, which would be great.

  • If not acting…?
    There has never been another option; no plan B. TV and movies were always it for me. I tell people I get rejected for a living but I’m doing what I want to do so I can’t complain.

  • What would you tell someone who wanted to get into the acting profession?
    I’d say if you really want to be an actor then do it. Give it 110% and don’t look back, don’t doubt. It’s not easy but if it’s something you’ve just got to do, you will.

  • Do you get back to Winnipeg often?
    I just got back from there. It was my younger sister’s 18th birthday (legal age in Winnipeg) so I spent the evening playing big brother and saving her from the “bar guys”.

  • Now that doesn’t sound like something your character, Gil, would do does it? What do you think of him?
    Like a lot of guys I know he has a strange way of expressing himself so people tend to misunderstand. He’s not a bad guy he just doesn’t realize that other people don’t get him. He has very strong opinions, which set him apart, but he also wants to fit in. He just doesn’t know how.

  • Does he really like Erin?
    I think he really does. He was genuinely hurt by her and has no idea how to handle that.

  • What’s it like to work on “Edgemont”?
    It’s an amazing experience. The best acting experience I’ve had so far. The people are great and being able to act on a daily basis is excellent – such a rush after the down time between seasons. I’m really looking forward to getting back to it in October.


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