More on Eureka

IMDB’s episode information for episode 3.02, What About Bob?, has been updated with a few cast details, and reveals that Richard’s character is named Derek Bowers.

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New design & gallery updates

You may already have noticed the site has a totally new design – I felt like it was time for another change and I’m very happy with the results! The forum currently still uses the old layout, but I’ll be working on some changes for that over the next week or so, so be sure to watch out for those!

Some older (but new to us!) pictures have been added to the gallery, including much bigger & better quality versions of some of the Edgemont cast promos that were already available, plus pictures from a couple of different Edgemont related promo events back in 2002.

On the Edgemont theme, there are also a couple of new (very short) video clips, taken from “Gil’s site” at the archived version of

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Eureka update

Richard will be appearing in the second episode of the new season of Eureka, which is set to air on August 5th at 9/8c on SciFi. The episode, called “What About Bob?”, is written by Co-Executive Producer Charlie Craig, and Creator Jaime Paglia mentions that the episode “will reveal more of what happens in the bowels of Global Dynamics, with a missing persons case that could only happen in Eureka.”

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Quick update on the gallery status – it’s now fully open again with a fresh new layout, and now includes caps from The 4400 Season 4 DVDs (episodes and extras), as well as some caps from three more episodes of Edgemont season four, and some from the Sparkle Lite Motel.

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Gallery Updates & Facebook Fanpage

Just a quick notice to let you know that the gallery will be switched off for the next few days for some routine maintenance and shuffling of files. When it returns, season four of The 4400 will be fully capped from the DVDs as well as a few other additions!

In other news, you can now become a fan of Richard on Facebook, using their “fan pages” feature. So if you have an account, head over and join!

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