Crash & The Mentalist

Before Christmas, Richard appeared in the final two episodes of the Starz original series, Crash. Crash is based on the 2006 Oscar winning movie of the same name. The episodes in question are “All Alone Or…?” and “Los Angeles”, and aired in December. You can catch the episodes on Starz on Demand, and they’ll be airing in Canada on Super Channel on March 10th & 17th.

As posted last week, Richard appeard in Thursday’s episode of The Mentalist (episode 13 of season 2) as Jeff Sparhawk. In the UK, Season 2 begins on five on February 19th.

You can get clips from both shows on our media page, and there are caps in the gallery.

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Video uploads

As I’ve been promising for the last two weeks, I’ve now uploaded Richard’s scenes from Eureka to the videos page. I’ve been holding off because I finally managed to download the “Meet Richard Kahan” interview from, and wanted to put them up together but was having some issues making it work!

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