Season 4 DVD gallery update

Now that The 4400 Season Four DVDs have been released on region one, I’ve been able to add screencaps from the extras to the gallery. I’ll also be replacing all the season four screencaps with DVD quality ones over the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that!

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Gallery updates!

Apologies if you’ve noticed any downtime or weird behaviour of the site over the last few days – I’ve been moving it to a new host, but everything should be settled again now. Let me know if you encounter any other issues!

Now that everything is running smoothly again, I’ve made a massive gallery update – I’ve added another two episodes worth of caps to Edgemont season four, as well as a stack of photos from last August’s Legendary Gathering & Picnic (formerly Timeless Destinations) – huge thanks to Stephanie for those!

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Edgemont caps & Save the 4400 campaigns

Happy 2008!

I’ve uploaded caps from Richard’s first three appearances of Edgemont season four to the gallery.

Although The 4400 has been cancelled, the fans are still working to bring the show back. Check out for information on the campaigns!

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Masters of Horror

I’d hoped to get this done to have something happy to post on Wednesday along with the cancellation news, but spent most of the night on the phone trying to get my useless printer replaced!

It’s done now, though – the Masters of Horror caps have been redone from the DVD and new versions uploaded to the gallery, and redone the clip with the higher quality source material too.

I think that the new layout is settled now, though I’m still making a few colour changes to the forum skin, for the most part everything is done, and I hope you like it!

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Final Edgemont update (for now!)!

I’ve just finished capping the last four episodes of season three Edgemont – and as I haven’t managed to get hold of seasons four or five yet, that’s as far as I’ll be going just for now. I did, however, get a copy of Masters of Horror on DVD, so I’ll be redoing the caps & clips for that soon with the better quality source material.

I’m heading over to the States for a week and a bit now, so that will happen when I get home. I’ve also been working on a brand spanking new layout for the site, so hopefully I’ll get that up when I get home – with any luck it’ll be before Christmas!

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