London Expo gallery added

The gallery now contains 96 photos from this weekend’s London Expo, taken by Jaina of, Hilary of Destiny Thing and myself (with thanks to our friends Ryan and Bob!). Hopefully more pictures will be added over the next few days after I get permission from some other wonderful photographers to add their pictures!

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Collectormania cancellation

Richard and Jacqui will no longer be attending Collectormania 12 this weekend due to scheduling difficulties.

Showmasters hope to rearrange Richard’s appearance for a future show.

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Collectormania 12

Sometimes it pays to stay up when you should be in bed! Showmasters just announced that Richard will be attending Collectormania 12 in Milton Keynes next weekend, along with Jacqui McKenzie and a whole host of other stars.

See you there!

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London Expo this weekend!

Don’t forget, Richard will be in London this Saturday and Sunday with Jacqui, Billy Campbell and Jeff Combs, plus Eureka‘s Ed Quinn, Jordan Hinson and Erica Cerra, and Heroes guests Jimmy Jean-Louis and Nora Zehetner amongst others.

Make sure to stop by and say hi if you can – and any photos for the gallery will be greatfully received!

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ACME This Week, London Expo and Supernatural

Richard and Kaj-Erik Eriksen will be taking part in ACME This Week at ACME Comedy Theatre in LA on Saturday, November 3rd at 8pm. Tickets cost $15.

Jacqui McKenzie will now be joining Richard, Billy and Jeff at London Expo, which is shaping up to be an event not to be missed!

And finally, after getting my hands on a copy of Supernatural on DVD, the clip and caps have been redone in higher quality 🙂

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