4400/Eureka convention

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now – if you’re in the UK, Wolf Events are running a 4400/Eureka convention in London in March. The event will be taking at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, from the 20-22 March 2009. Current announced guests are the leads of the two shows, The 4400’s Joel Gretsch and Colin Ferguson from Eureka.

Tickets cost Β£80 for adults and Β£42.50 for children, and for that you get one personal item signed for free, as well as entry to all guest talks and a party each night. And if you’re in the first 200 tickets, you also get free entry to a Meet & Greet party on Friday night.

For them to book more guests they need to sell tickets, so head on over and book yours now! And when you’re done, head over to the forum and add your voice to the requests for Richard to attend. As the only main character on one show to appear on both, we think he’s a perfect choice of guest to bring along!

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Gallery updates!

Apologies if you’ve noticed any downtime or weird behaviour of the site over the last few days – I’ve been moving it to a new host, but everything should be settled again now. Let me know if you encounter any other issues!

Now that everything is running smoothly again, I’ve made a massive gallery update – I’ve added another two episodes worth of caps to Edgemont season four, as well as a stack of photos from last August’s Legendary Gathering & Picnic (formerly Timeless Destinations) – huge thanks to Stephanie for those!

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Brand spanking new layout!

My designing fingers have been getting itchy lately, so over the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on a new layout for the site. It uses photos taken at London Expo in October. I went live with it just a few minutes ago, and you can expect to see some (mostly very small) things changing here and there over the next few weeks – but if you run into any bugs, please let me know either by email or on the forums!

I hope you like it!

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Gallery updates

I’ve finally managed to get my hands on (some of!) Edgemont, so many more caps from that will hopefully be appearing in the gallery over the next few weeks – sorry that the quality isn’t as fantastic as it could be, but it’s better than nothing, right? For now, check out caps from episode one, Collateral Damage, as well as a clip of Richard’s very first appearance in the show.

On top of that, I’ve added a few new pictures to the scans and public appearances galleries (thanks to Jan for the new Expo photos), so check those out when you can!

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ACME This Week – November 3rd ’07

Don’t forget if you’re in the LA area this weekend, stop by ACME Comedy Theatre to see Richard and Kaj hosting ACME This Week.

Tickets are $15 on the door.

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